Paris – The city of love!

There are certain cities in the world that is always there on your bucket list and one such city is Paris! A beautiful city which doesn't require much of description and words. It was obviously love at first sight! There are few cities in the world, which doesn't require a guide to explore or a... Continue Reading →


So first let me start by saying a very big thank you to the Virgin Radio family for launching Virgin Radio in Oman. I cannot contain my excitement. Virgin Radio has been my favourite radio channel and it was a huge part of my life in Dubai. I think with the launch of the Virgin... Continue Reading →

Living in the Middle East, we all wish to spend a night or few nights amidst the desert. To fulfil this desire, we were on a mission to find the perfect desert camping/resort place that will be worth all our expectations. While we were on a search to find this place, we came across AL... Continue Reading →

Travelling sometimes can be very hectic and there is always an urge to see all the important destinations within a limited period of time. But sometimes all you need is to just chill out and have some really good time without stressing out on your fixed itinerary. Amsterdam is one such city. A gorgeous city... Continue Reading →

Who doesn't love Chinese cuisine? Well, it is one of my favourite cuisines and we love going to different restaurants to try some delicious Chinese food. We came across a Chinese restaurant in Ghala that has been opened recently. It looked fancy from outside and we decided to give it a try. As we entered... Continue Reading →

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