Armenia Travel Blog- Things you cannot miss!

Planning a trip to one of the oldest countries in the world? Here are some of the things that you cannot miss in Armenia!


Things to do in Georgia – Travel Blog

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful country of Georgia, then this blog might help you to plan your holiday a little.

If you are a lover of lush green mountains, waterfall, lakes, and snow, then Switzerland is the place for you. A beautiful country with a perfect mix of all good things. Experience and enjoy postcard view in every corner. We stayed in Switzerland for 5 nights. We preferred staying in Geneva for the entire 5... Continue Reading →

Paris – The city of love!

There are certain cities in the world that are always there on your bucket list and one such city is Paris! A beautiful city which doesn't require much of description and words. It was obviously loved at first sight! There are few cities in the world, which doesn't require a guide to explore or a... Continue Reading →

So first let me start by saying a very big thank you to the Virgin Radio family for launching Virgin Radio in Oman. I cannot contain my excitement. Virgin Radio has been my favourite radio channel and it was a huge part of my life in Dubai. I think with the launch of the Virgin... Continue Reading →

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